Signs Of Aging Your Mirror Won’t Tell

My mom was at the store in the beauty aisle, and as she was scanning the sea of lotion, glancing at every sale tag they had to offer, a little old lady shuffled right up next to her. Leaning down the sweet little old lady produced a low-level grunt and an exasperated sigh. Retrieving whatever it was from the bottom shelf, the lady leaned politely over to my mom who had made eye contact with her and said in her weathered voice, “Getting old is a bitch.”

My mom immediately connected with her, nodding her head in complete agreement as the sweet little old lady shuffled past her and out of sight. The lady’s statement was as true then as it is now. The fact remains that every day, every hour, every second, we grow older which means so do our bodies.

Aside from looking in the mirror to pluck out all the gray, here are 5 signs you’re getting up in age that a mirror won’t tell you:

You Often Lose Your Balance

The older we get the more our bones tend to shrink, not only in size but also in density. This tends to push us off balance a little so when you start to teeter-totter around, your age could likely be the culprit.

You Can’t Go To The Bathroom

Being stopped up is downright frustrating. Having constipation as a constant companion is no laughing matter and unfortunately it becomes more common as years pass by.

You Can’t Remember Things

A foggy mind is attributed most of the time to an aging brain. Your brain is a muscle that needs exercised to stay sharp. When it’s not used and gets older it loses efficiency so it takes you longer to remember simple things or perform simple tasks.

You Lose Bladder Control

Men and women both have to combat age even if it looks slightly different. Menopause for women can wreak hormonal havoc on the body, and the dangers of an enlarged prostate in men can prevent men from being able to urinate all together posing serious threats to their health in the form of kidney/bladder infections.

You Feel Tired All The Time

Fatigue is something that can happen during any stage of life, but it’s more common place when your age starts adding up. Much can be linked to the causes of fatigue, so if you’re tired for weeks at a time, be sure to consult a healthcare professional.

Aging isn’t necessarily something we have to break into song over, but it doesn’t have to be something we complain about either. I’m not talking about turning back the clock because aging is a process we can’t fight, just like death. It’s inevitable for each of us, but we don’t have to let it lord over us and add it to our already long list of worry. There are ways you can embrace your years of wisdom AND wrinkles yet still enjoy a vital and healthy life well beyond your prime. One of the best ways is a vitamin boost. Vitamin C alone can do so much to improve your body’s performance. Sure you can get vitamins and good nutrition from you diet, and you should, but infusing vitamins directly into your blood stream can boost your system so much faster and give you the dose that food often can’t deliver efficiently.

Give your body a jolt of goodness through natural, safe vitamin infusions. Call us today to see how we can make vitamin infusions work for you!