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Wellness Center and Weight Loss Solutions in Creve Coeur

LifeXist is the leader in natural health and wellness. A center where patients can find the CAUSE of their health conditions and treat it without DRUGS or SURGERY!

Through the most advanced testing on the globe, we are able to spot what other medical doctors are MISSING and balance the body to restore FULL FUNCTION.

From kids to adults LifeXist is a place for the entire family. No matter what health condition a person has LifeXist seeks to find the CAUSE.

Chiropractic Care

LifeXist focuses on bringing physical balance to the body. The amazing results and miracle testimonies that bring so many people to our clinics can be attributed in large part to the the very special techniques we use in chiropractic care. From infants to the elderly, we deliver a level of service that is unmatched in this field.

Pediatric Care

LifeXist knows that it’s easier to raise a healthy child than to fix a broken adult. We put an emphasis on both proactive care for kids as well as reactive care when children begin experiencing signs of delays, imbalances, and health issues.

Natural Hormone Therapy

A pinnacle focus for LifeXist is balancing the chemical makeup of the body. Hormones being out of balance can create many symptoms in the body. From as young as 25 we treat both male and female patients and restore their bodies chemistry.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

If there was a way to drop 20-30 pounds safely under doctor supervision, would you be interested? LifeXist offers this type of highly effective solution for you! Everyone has tried “weight loss” programs and most lose a few pounds only to gain it right back. The issue is they aren’t addressing the cause of the weight gain. Find out how the staff at LifeXist can help you.

What We Treat

Most doctors want to throw prescription drugs and recommend surgery for patients. At LifeXist we know that often times those are band-aids to a health problem and is merely masking the issues.

LifeXist treats the WHOLE BODY. We don’t care what symptom, health condition, or disease a patient has. It’s our focus to bring balance and total restoration to a patient so they look better, feel better, and function better.

When you balance your physical, chemical, and emotional health your body enters a state of healing!

Wellness Warriors

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Dr. Eric Nepute

LifeXist is founded by the nationally recognized natural health and wellness expert Dr. Eric Nepute. Dr Nepute grew one of the largest holistic healing centers in the country located in St. Louis, Missouri. Patients would come from across the globe to get health solutions when doctors had given up on them.

Dr. Nepute through his work at Nepute Wellness Center had a vision for health centers located throughout the country that were focused on CAUSED based care, a place that people could go and get the health solutions they were looking for without drugs or surgery. That place is known as LifeXist!

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